Barbara & Darrell are active in photographing their way through busy Tree Trimming and Photography careers. Darrell is top in his field, and Barbara photographs all the beautiful sites that abound. As this has taken them to some beautiful places around the northwest, they can only delight at the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the beauty that surrounds them, and share it with you. Photographing nature in all it’s beauty is one of their passions. Gardening is a way of loving the food they eat, and photo’s of the garden adds to the artful abundance.

Tying all that together with their passion for the environment they join in to help where ever possible.

Barbara has volunteered for Kootenai Environmental Alliance in Coeur D’ Alene Idaho, and was honored with the “Volunteer of the year” award for 2018. Donated many photographs to KEA for Junk to Funk and other events. She picks up any trash along her way, while out making photographs in nature. Is passionate about creating ideas, for being part of the change to a more regenerative world. Also helping out along the way spreading health, happiness, and quality over quantity messages, to anyone who would use this valuable information to improve their own lives.

Darrell is always willing to help in many situations, along with his busy business schedule. He has been a snap shot photographer for his own crews, also a nature photographer with some beautiful sights added to his own portfolio. To help support our environment, he picks up trash and/or plastics in all the natural places he visits. Always leaving a place better than he found it. Recycles egg cartons, cardboard boxes, and extra planting containers for the local farms. As well as spreading the goodness of healthy eating habits. At sixty years old, he teaches how well it has worked to keep him climbing in the trees after 30+ years.

Barbara and Darrell are a good team. They are passionate about the Future Regeneration Movement.

With Donations to Kootenai Environmental Alliance, Organic Consumers Association, Safe Passages, North Idaho Youth Ranch, and many others over the years, their work has just begun.

Would you join them in this pursuit of spreading the support around for the Regeneration of our World?

Go to the Regenerative Donations menu, and sign up to donate.

Your Donation will be used to support the local: Environmentally Conscious Farms, and Businesses as the Grassroots grow, to a Regenerative Donation Center.