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Photography Art

Photography is an art form. One moment in time, a breath, a vision, a silent quest.

When photography comes into form in the moment, it is art to someone, somewhere. Where do you see your visual moments in time the most? Could it be everywhere? A smile, a heart shape, or a bird on a wire, a deer in the field? Could it be your face in the photography, or your parents as they age, the children as they grow…

Photography Art is all those, and so much more. It’s possible to see the bigger picture through the multitude of photography art available to you today. We can all browse keywords like: flowers, wildlife, mountains, fires, city streets, or climate change, and go to images to see some photography visions, and the emotions they may stir within. Using different key words to see a bigger picture of the world you live in can be eye opening. If you run across something that stirs an emotion within, the photographer has succeeded in the “call of the spirit” to bring that image into form.. so you can see. What you do with that vision is dependent on the urging within yourself. To Hang a beautiful vision upon a wall, to learn a lesson, to act on an impossible situation to help make it better, or to say a silent prayer when the feeling stirs. Photography art is all around us, allowing us to see a wider vision of our world. How wide are you exploring? Comment and let us know what your seeing in the photography art of today.

A photographer’s passion, to see the art visions everywhere, in everything. Even some things that are hard to see, feeling an urge in time, to release the shutter on the vision before..

Barbara Shay