Totality In Stanley Idaho

A trip of twenty two hours, over eight hundred, thirty eight miles, to see two minutes, eighteen seconds of Total Eclipse in 2017.

The first part of our journey was driving straight through to get to our destination. Spent the night in our Chevy Tahoe beside the Salmon River, between Obsidian and Stanley Idaho. Woke up to a beautiful cool morning, with the river in sight. After our jetboil coffee, homemade prepacked breakfast, and enjoying the river view, we drove our last five or so miles into Stanley. There was a crowd setting up in a large parking area. Parking next to a couple who had brought their telescope. This was a treat as we looked through the glass from time to time, to view a close up look of the eclipse setting over the sun. Taking photos from their very large view finder when we had a chance. We will post some of these in the years to come.

Everyone was excited and comfortable in this moment of history. Chanting’s from eclipse viewers on the mountain, and rumbling’s of voices in the parking area talking about the sights abounding. In a town of only sixty two people originally, the town was packed with hundreds of people looking to the sky in hopeful excitement.

As the totality is upon us there is a decreased rumbling, and darkness descends as the sun is being shadowed by the moon. It’s getting chilly, as the stars come out with the “wedding ring” shining from the sun. Then totality, the “ring of fire” surrounds the sun. Beautiful sights to see, the crowd is whooping and hollering, as many photographers among us are recording the moments as they unfold.

Darrell and I having the first totality moment of our life, were recording what we could, with the urge to gaze at the sight before us. This is worth every mile for two minutes, eighteen seconds of this spectacular Total Eclipse in Stanley Idaho.

The trip home we stopped at a few areas for a short time as we planned to get to home by nightfall. Four hundred plus miles along these roads takes some nine to twelve hours or more, depending on how often, and how long you stop and rest, or see the sights along the way. Usually we would stay awhile exploring the area, though this was a spur of the moment trip, on a work day to come the next morning. This happens to us from time to time, and can be a real treat.

Like this “Wedding Ring” photograph is our treat to share with you.

The Wedding Ring

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